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I’m taking some time out from the rat race and I’ve decided to visit a number of places in the South-west of
England during my summer off that have caught my eye.  The places are all around the Dorset, Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset and Hampshire areas and are all within a day trip from my home in Salisbury.  Some of the places I have already visited, some I visit often and love, others I will be visiting for the first time.  I will be taking photos, possibly doing some sketching and hopefully writing a blog post to give you a flavour of the places and the pros and cons of visiting them.

Wealie Nice Places to Visit Map

Wealie Nice Places to Visit Map

If you’re interested in seeing the places I plan to visit see my Google Map of Places to Visit.  The pins on the map are colour coded as follows:

The red markers are places I’ve visited before and can highly recommend, but have yet to write an article about.  The green markers are places that I’ve visited and written a blog article about.  The blue markers are places I’ve yet to visit.

I’m looking forward to some great days out that will inspire me to take some great photos and write some interesting blog posts.

Hopefully by the end of the summer most of the markers will have turned to green and I’ll be adding some new blue markers further a field!

Happy visiting.

Wealie x

Wealie Nice Places To Visit Articles

An Afternoon at Heale Gardens

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