Introducing Wealie Arts Workshops & Parties

I offer adult workshops and children’s parties in a number of different arts and crafts activities. To keep costs down and enable smaller groups I come to a pre-paid location of your choice and work with you and your friends or children to create a great work of art. Prices start from £15 per child for parties and £25 per adult for workshops and are based on a minimum of 5 people per session.

All materials are included in the price and of course you get to keep your finished artwork and the opportunity to buy additional materials to create more art. These prices are based on me coming to your home or a pre-paid location and there may be an additional charge for fuel and materials, which will be discussed at the time of booking. See the sections below for more details about the types of arts and crafts activities I can do with you.

Abstract Mixed Media Projects

Abstract Mixed Media

Abstract Mixed Media

Whether you want to make a canvas, a box or maybe a mask; I will teach you my all in one decoupage technique.

We’ll be using tissue paper, textured materials, fabrics, ribbons, re-purposed jewellery, oodles of glitter and sequins and anything else you can think to find in your craft draw!

Organic Ink Art

organic Ink Art

Organic Ink Art

Using glossy card and high quality watercolour spray inks and shimmering mica powders, I will demonstrate how to manipulate the inks and mica powders to create gorgeous one off organic designs

You’ll make excellent abstract pictures and take home some ready made greeting cards to share with friends and loved ones.

Patterning Porcelain

Tangle Patterned Piggy Bank

Tangle Patterned Piggy Bank

Using ceramic paint pens I will demonstrate how to draw intricate designs onto the pottery piece of your choice from: plates, mugs, bowls, cup and saucer, tea pots, plant pots, piggy banks, etc.

We can also personalise your design with a name or special words or saying of your choosing.

Tangle and Zen Patterning on Watercolour Background

Tangle Pattern on Rainbow Background

Tangle Pattern

Using high quality Indian rag paper or quality card stock with water colours, water colour brushes and micron fine liners and specialist gel and alcohol ink art pens.

You can explore your inner patterns to create intricate designs remincient of paisley and zentangle art. These designs make lovely pictures and greeting cards and are a very therapeutic art form.

Embossed Tangle Patterning

Embossed and Coloured

Embossed and Coloured

Using quality card, aluminium plumbers tape and some standard embossing tools I will demonstrate how you can make great embossed metal designs on a budget and how to colour them with alcohol inks to bring them to vibrant life.

These designs are affordable and make great pictures, greeting cards and bookmarks with very little materials.

Mono Printing with Geli Plates

Geli Plate Mono Print

Geli Plate Mono Print

Using a gelatin plate I will show you how to make great abstract acrylic mono prints using a variety of tools and materials.

These make excellent tools for those interested in art journaling and wonderful backgrounds for zentangle pattern makers.

Book your Workshop or Party

If you are interested in arranging an adult workshop or children’s party please email me at with a contact number so I can call to discuss your requirements.

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