About Me

Will I find you in the lightI find my way in this world through words, music, images and dance and I know no other way to be. Highly artistic, I turn my hand to many artistic mediums, including my first love of poetry and prose, painting, arts and crafts, photography and photographic editing. I always need something to do and I’m rarely without something in my hands to do. I love to absorb books, films, television and music and I have varied tastes that make it impossible to chose a favourite!

I’m a communicator by trade focusing on large internal change, transformation and employee engagement programmes at a local, UK wide and global level. I work with key business contacts to develop and deliver robust communication strategies and tactical delivery plans to suit the needs of my clients and their programmes.

Lost SymphonyI provide communication tools, training and mentoring for executives, senior managers and communicators in large organisations. I work with clients to review existing communication channels and deliver appropriate new communication channels to promote a culture of engaged employees with clear lines of 2 way feedback and dialogue between management and employees. As with all things in my life I bring my passion and enthusiasm to my work every day and hope that some of it rubs off on my colleagues.

I have a very individualistic outlook on life and live in the moment as much as possible. I believe strongly that life is too short to carry regrets from your past and too valuable to waste wondering about the what ifs of the future. We only ever exist in the moment we currently occupy, so I try to make the most of each and every moment and I love to make other people smile!

I’m a down to earth, if slightly exuberant, curvy, brunette, brown eyed English woman of Polish decent who loves to dance. I’m the reluctant romantic and everything I do, I do with passion. I am only what you see and so much more you’ll never know. A night owl to the core, tread safely in the light and find me in the newborn night.

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