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Picture of the word advice under a magnifying glassI love helping people out whenever I can, whether it's solving a problem or sharing my knowledge, helping others is a big part of what gets me out of bed in the morning.  For me the pursuit of knowledge is empty if we do not then share it. So, here you'll find my help and advice on a variety of topics that I hope you may find useful!

Think Before You Type!

Gemma Worrall tweet Obama as Barraco Barner

When I work with people on job hunting they’re keen for me to help with their CV, but I often find that the thing they rarely look at is their overall online profile. With more and more recruiters ‘checking you … Continue reading

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Beware of spam payday loan profiles on LinkedIn

Image depicting predatory loans

I’ve recently re-joined the job seeking market as my contract at Friends Life has finally come to an end and a big part of my job seeking activity is cultivating my LinkedIn network and updating my profile. LinkedIn is an … Continue reading

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Infographic CVs

Ruth Weal Infographic CV Sept 2013

Firstly let me say that I don’t think an infographic CV can replace your traditional CV, however in a marketplace full of competition whatever your background or role your seeking anything that gives you an edge is worth considering. To … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple – The Do’s & Don’ts of Good Presentations


Preparation & Planning Do prepare in advance of a presentation (never just wing it, it will show…..badly). Don’t just dump all your ideas down onto PowerPoint as a stream of consciousness! Do plan your presentation out on paper before you … Continue reading

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Hints & Tips for CV Writing

Job searching paperwork

Here are a few practical hints and tips to help you when CV writing. Whether you’re creating a generic CV, tailoring it for a specific role or managing your CV library these hints and tips will work for you. You … Continue reading

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Job Hunting and Standing Out from the Crowd

Stand out from the Crowd

Standing out from the crowd has always been the key goal of the job seeker to get the role they really want.  However, in times when more and more people are competing for the same roles, differentiating yourself to stand out from … Continue reading

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