Wealie Bollywood PoseI fell in love with dancing I think before I could walk or talk. The first film that I went to see at the cinema was Grease; according to my parents I made an awful fuss and wouldn’t let up until they took me to see the film – I was 2 yrs old!

I never went to dance classes as a child, but I had the very best teachers available to a kid in the 70s and 80s, namely Michael Jackson and Madonna. My younger sisters have horror stories of the gruelling choreography that I put them through in my formative years.

Belly Dancer Ruth - Chris Stanbury Copyright 2008As an adult I finally decided to learn to dance in a professional way and I have been dancing latin partner styles for 10 years and taught for 3 years. I also love Bollywood and Belly dancing for their versatility and individuality. They are so upbeat and you can’t help but come away smiling after dancing to the music.

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