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Hotel BluesWant to know what I'm thinking, how I feel and react to various things? Well this is where you'll find the scary content of my views and opinions on a variety of topics.

Summer Children’s Colouring Competition

Abstract Pattern Illustration on Cartoon Cats

Throughout May/June I am inviting children up to the age of 13 to submit their colourful examples of the Caterinas for the chance to win a children’s Art party with four of their friends in either Ink Art or Embossing … Continue reading

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Memory ‘v’ Experience – What’s more important?

TED Talks Logo

Should we be thinking about our audience’s memory of communications and engagement activities rather than their initial experience? There is a really interesting TED Talk video about the difference between our experiencing selves and our remembering selves that I highly … Continue reading

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Think Before You Type!

Gemma Worrall tweet Obama as Barraco Barner

When I work with people on job hunting they’re keen for me to help with their CV, but I often find that the thing they rarely look at is their overall online profile. With more and more recruiters ‘checking you … Continue reading

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Beware of spam payday loan profiles on LinkedIn

Image depicting predatory loans

I’ve recently re-joined the job seeking market as my contract at Friends Life has finally come to an end and a big part of my job seeking activity is cultivating my LinkedIn network and updating my profile. LinkedIn is an … Continue reading

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A Spam Too Far!

Mobility Scooter Spam Email

Now I’m used to spammers thinking I’m a lonely man with a small penis who needs a penis enlargement and an Eastern European wife. I’m used to spammers putting barely legible comments on my blog posts and I’m grateful for … Continue reading

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A Wealie Fine Strawberry Mess

A fine strawberry mess

Another recipe for those of you with a sweet tooth. This one uses my Victoria sponge cake recipe for the cake base and then a load of strawberries, some lemons, limes and clementines or tangerines for the toppings. It’s a … Continue reading

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