A Spam Too Far!

Mobility Scooter Spam EmailNow I’m used to spammers thinking I’m a lonely man with a small penis who needs a penis enlargement and an Eastern European wife. I’m used to spammers putting barely legible comments on my blog posts and I’m grateful for the many opportunities they present me with to give my personal details away and/or a substantial sum of cash for the promise of a large cash payout that I suspect they are unlikely to follow through with.

Today, however, the spammers have hit an all time low with me and I’m sorry, but I have to make a final stand that this is not okay! ┬áLast time I checked I still had more brown hair than grey, arthritis hadn’t set in and I was still a long way in the right side of 60 and yet I received this…..

Earth to spammers although I’m no longer in the early flush of youth and no longer as svelte as I used to be at that age I’m not so fat or so old or both that I cannot walk without the aid of a mobility scooter and my finances are healthy enough that I don’t need any financial aid for one either.

Yours sincerely

An offended Wealie x

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