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A Spam Too Far!

Mobility Scooter Spam Email

Now I’m used to spammers thinking I’m a lonely man with a small penis who needs a penis enlargement and an Eastern European wife. I’m used to spammers putting barely legible comments on my blog posts and I’m grateful for … Continue reading

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A Wealie Bad Case of Technitus!

Smashed TV Screen

Let me tell you a tale of my woefully bad case of Technitus.  ”What is Technitus” I hear you ask?  It’s a terrible debilitating disease that doesn’t affect humans, but rather the technology they own! Technology goes awry, doesn’t work … Continue reading

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What’s With All The Red Socks?

Red Socks Illustration - Copyright R.Weal 2011

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that a large number of businessmen in London of the normally dyed in the wool traditional dress wearers have rebelled against the traditional black, white and grey sock. It seems that red socks with a shorter … Continue reading

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Wishing You a “Wealie” Merry Christmas!

2010 Wealie Christmas Card Design - Copyright R.Weal 2010

A little early I know, but consider this my Christmas card to you, especially if you’re one of my lovely international friends!  If you’re lucky you might even get one of my no doubt coveted printed Christmas cards and yes … Continue reading

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Letter to my stalker comment spammer – ghfhfjhj

Tin of Turkey Spam

Dear ghfhfjhj I’m pretty sure that’s not your real name, but as your IP address is either or and your email address ghfhfjhj@gmail.com are the only thing that do not change from comment to comment (aside from your … Continue reading

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