Happy B.day to my sister Shelley!

It’s my sister Shelley’s b.day in about an hour, so in honour of her b.day (let’s say she’s no longer 30, but she’s a couple of years shy of my 35) I’m dedicating today’s blog post to her. If you know anything about her, you’ll know that Shelley is hopelessly devoted to her animals, she and my sister Sarah live in a menagerie of furry, four legged, clawed, winged and possibly scaly pets and the hoofed variety are just a short drive down the road.

2010 has been a big year for Shelley, with lots of changes for the good happening in her life and I’m extremely proud and happy for her that she’s really enjoying her life right now, with a great, “kind of new” man in her life – Jamie (well they had been best buddies for ages) and her fab new job at Dyson; where apparently according to her facebook status she now knows the name of everyone she works with after just 4.5 weeks. ¬†She’s got the scoop on me there as it took me at least double that time to know the names of the people I worked with and I still have trouble with the ones I don’t see that often and I’ve been there nearly a year!

Shelley and Joey - Copyright R.Weal 2008

Shelley and her boy Joey - Copyright R.Weal 2008

Shelley’s pride and joy (other than Frankie the pony who sometimes seems more trouble than he’s worth – only joking sis) is her baby boy Joey. Joey’s been with Shelley through the good times and the bad over the years and is her devoted companion who she does spoil rotten, though not as much as his Auntie Ruth does when they come to visit ;-)

You may have guessed from the pictures that Joey is my furry nephew (I don’t have any of the pink and smelly bawling kind), but sometimes when people hear me refer to my nephew they do wonder about me and my sister. I took the pictures above on a lovely sunny summer day out in Lizzie Gardens and if you go into a park with Joey, you best have a toy that you can throw for him and if you bring his Auntie Ruth, best to bring two or three as I have a habit of getting toys stuck up trees much to Joey and Shelley’s chagrin!

So happy b.day little sis, I hope that you get spoilt rotten by Jamie, that you get oodles of pressies and have a thoroughly wonderful day.

All my love

Your big Sis

P.S – You’re now immortalised on the web, is that a good enough pressie or will I have to stump up some cash? R x

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