Looking Forward

Dainty Blooms - Copyright R.Weal 2011

Dainty Blooms - Copyright R.Weal 2011

Today is my last day working for Chartis Insurance and I’m
eagerly anticipating taking the summer out to focus on some
of my personal work projects, blogging more, getting out to do more photography and editing my back log! I’m also going to do some more painting and should the muse bless me some more writing.

Add to that I want to get back to being a bit fitter and healthier, so rest, relaxation, regular exercise and a healthier diet are also on the to do list. One of the ways I’m hoping to improve my fitness is by starting up my Bollywood dance classes again.

Yes the summer looks set to be a good one and I’m hoping to get out and about in the countryside more, not to mention travel plans abroad.

Sometimes you just have to take some time out and focus on your own health and well being. It’s not good to let a pure pursuit of work get in the way of living your life.

As of tomorrow I’m going to step off the rat race for a while and enjoy the fruits of my labours over the past few years. I hope to be able to share some of those artistic outputs here with you.

Tread safely

Wealie x

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