A Wealie Doodle

A Wealie DoodleA pen and ink doodle done with a Zebra Super Marble pen, size is A5.  This is fairly typical of the style of doodle that I do, but I rarely fill a whole page like this.  My doodles tend to be pretty organic and cover the free space areas on my notebooks.  As I tend to sit through a lot of long workshops and meetings they can often be quite elaborate and attract comments from my colleagues.

Contrary to what many people incorrectly think, doodling is not necessarily a sign of boredom or inattention, in fact it can be quite the opposite.  For me doodling helps to focus the mind and bleed away my need to constantly have something to do.  It is also very helpful when I’m coming up with new ideas.

This one was born over a couple of days working from home coming up with my latest communications training workshop.

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