Dusk’s Women

I may have mentioned before that I’m more likely to witness dusk than dawn.  I feel a strange affinity with that time of the day, maybe it’s because I love the night so much and the dusk is always the herald of night’s arrival.  However, I do feel there is a very mystical and visceral quality to the dusk that always draws me to capture it in images and try to convey some of the emotions it engenders in words.

Tonight I want to share with you two Photoshop creations using the same sunset shot in the background.  The original sunset shot was heavily manipulated and then overlaid with stylised self portraits.  The finished creations were called Lady Dusk and Dusk’s Daughter respectively and each had a short poem written to accompany the picture, to give a full artistic creation.

Of the two I think Lady Dusk is my favourite, it’s altogether darker in both the visual and poetic compositions, with the poetry exploring the mystical element of the dusk, the quickening between night and day.  Dusk’s daughter is a much lighter, brighter and optimistic visual style, with a very short verse that is all about rebirth.  Both the pictures and their verses are below, be sure to let me know which one’s your favourite!

Tread safely in the light and find me in the newborn night.

Wealie x

Lady Dusk - Copyright R.Weal 2008

Lady Dusk - Copyright R.Weal 2008


Born of the twilight
Between the light & the dark
The bridge between the worlds
A sacred piece of ancient art
Daughter to one
Mother to the other
In the waxing & waning
A lady born wild and free
Everything you wish and wish not to be

Ruth Weal
11 Aug 2008 3.26 am
Copyright R.Weal 2008 ©

Dusk's Daughter - Copyright R.Weal 2008

Dusk's Daughter - Copyright R.Weal 2008


As the sun fades my blood kindles
As the warmth wanes my soul awakens
As the dusk dawns I am reborn

Ruth Weal
01 Aug 2008 3.24 am
Copyright R.Weal 2008

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