just a little crack!

As I was merrily driving into work this morning I watched as a strange line slowly appeared across the bottom of my windscreen. At first I thought perhaps it was water and turned on the wipers, but I was soon disabused of this idea and came to the less than favourable realisation that I had an approximately 60 cm crack along the bottom of the windscreen.

Luckily I was only 20 mins out from home, though it took me another 40 to crawl back home, especially in morning rush hour. Still insurance called and screen will be replaced today.

I took a picture of the crack below if you are interested!

A Wealie Cracked Windscreen - Copyright R.Weal 2010

A Wealie Cracked Windscreen - Taken on the iphone - Copyright R.Weal 2010

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s drive will be less eventful!

Wealie x

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