Sky Dancing

It’s been a strange evening, feeling ever so slightly not quite here, which is definitely reflected in the short piece I wrote earlier this evening.  It’s almost as if a part of my spirit has wandered off without me!

I mustn’t complain though as it has left me feeling quite creative and I’ve been having fun editing the pictures from last weekend’s trip to Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, which I will hopefully be posting to flickr very soon and of course writing a blog post.  In the meantime here’s a picture of a beautiful sunset over the Cancun Lagoon in the Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico.  It seemed only right to have a beautiful sky picture to go with my new piece “Sky Dancing”, and what better sky than this lovely Mexican sunset?

I hope you enjoy your little sky dance with me!

Wealie x


Tonight I am sky dancing, a weight lifting, a part of me reaching out and touching air, rising up to come back down Released of all disapproval, worries and frowns, caring not for material wealth and worldly renown.

More real than imagined, more imagined than real, once more in the arms of those that went before me, released to truly feel.

Unshackled and relieved, disconnected, but free, I am everything and nothing that I ever was and ever meant to be.

The muses court me and words assault me, dark poetry twists within me, feeding the fire of desire for creation, birth and artistic redemption.

And through it all my spirit’s sky dancing, foot lose and fancy free!

Ruth Weal
17 November 2010 10.37 pm
Copyright R.Weal 2010

Setting Sun over Cancun Lagoon - Copyright R.Weal 2007

Setting Sun over Cancun Lagoon - Copyright R.Weal 2007

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