Autumn’s Arrival

webbed berries - copyright R.Weal 200

Webbed Berries - Copyright R.Weal 2009

It’s official, Autumn is back in the UK, with last Tuesday, 21 September being the official first day of Autumn.  To celebrate the changing of the natural colours from a green Britain to one of reds and golds I decided to finally edit some pictures I took last year at around this time.

The set is called Autumn 2009 and there are a couple of my favourite shots from the set in this post.  I’ve also put a poem in that I wrote in response to one of the great pictures of my flickr contact Brentjp99, the poem is called “Stolen Summer Sun” and it was inspired by the photo Senescence.  If you get a chance, take a moment to check out Brent’s photostream, you will not be disappointed.

Yellow Buds - Copyright R.Weal 2009

Yellow Buds - Copyright R.Weal 2009

I hope you enjoy the pictures and my poem.  Make sure you take a moment to get out into nature this autumn.  It doesn’t last long and as the winter months draw in, the colours in the landscape will be few and far between until the spring arrives.

If you do get out and about, don’t forget to take your camera and capture nature changing right before your eyes.  And if you get a chance publish your pics to flickr and I’ll drop by and have a look see!

Enjoy the autumn!



Autumn’s come and someone has stolen the summer sun
Who are then, these canny thieves?
None other than the conniving deciduous tree leaves
Fat and green from the boon of the spring rain
These crafty leaves plot and whisper their latest criminal campaign
Softly caressing, swishing and pressing, a perfectly crafted tease
A plaintive calling as the sun was falling, so effortlessly pleased
Throughout long summer months
Devouring the sun’s rays in little bite sized chunks
Like lovers lips locked stealing the other’s breath
Calling on the Autumn’s birth and the Summer’s death
Green leaves no more, but crisp gilded golden tones
They laud their treasure over the Evergreens’ disgruntled groans
Basking in their stolen sunlit glow
They think not of tomorrow, just go with the flow
But as they frolic, sing and dance
They do not understand how much they’ve really chanced
For in the end crime cannot pay
Especially when lady Winter, is on her way…..

Ruth Weal – 10 July 2007 6.30 pm
Inspired by the picture Senescence by Brentjp99

Copyright R.Weal 2007 ©

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