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Hello all

This is wealie blogging on the move, well not precisely. Actually I’m in the bath! “How is she writing a blog post I hear you ask?” Don’t worry, I’m not risking electrocution by laptop, I’m trying out the wordpress iPhone app.

It’s very simple to add your wordpress account and takes no more than 2 mins to set up. Once your loaded and ready to go you can read, write and moderate comments as well as writing and editing posts and pages. You can also add new categories and embed photos and videos to your posts and videos.

The editor is very simple and therefore very basic, so unless you code HTML in your sleep, you won’t be using it for complex posts, but it is a great tool for the busy blogger who is often away from their desk. I’d quite like a quick linking facility though – perhaps this will come in a later version. I gave up on the preview facility, I mean who’s got the time or patience to wait over 1 min for nothing to happen – certainly not me!

From reading the reviews on the iTunes app store, it’s clear that wordpress still has a way to go until all the bugs are fixed and it’s users completely happy, but so far my experience has been pretty seamless. In principle the functions provided are a great start and it is a free to download app.  However, with a little investment and structure this app could be so much more powerful and I’m sure plenty of users would not mind paying a reasonable fee for a robust and bug free version.

Personally I am going to use it for short sharp posts in the moment and have created a new category “On the Move” for these posts – yes I created the category on the app! :-)

Keep safe friends, this is wealie signing off from the bath x

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2 Responses to Blogging on the move

  1. Rehan Qayoom on October 2, 2010 at 1:43 am

    I’ve always wondered and must sound really stupid asking but I won’t know if I don’t. I haven’t invested in an iphone because it does everything that my phone does so if I do pay £500 to buy it I won’t be getting anything that I don’t already have. Except a bigger screen, hardly worth all that extra money. Internet access on the phone is not free, you have to connect and the company charges are exorbitant, so why not just stick with my desktop? What is the point of an iphone, everyone has one so I’m either missing out on something or … whatever. I’m usually the last one to know or the last one to buy these new gadgets. I didn’t buy a phone until I started university and even now I think I’ve only ever phoned people about 5 times in the last 10 years. I don’t know anyone!

    • wealie on October 2, 2010 at 3:35 am


      Well I found the internet access on the phone very limited, the iphone gives you more of a browser experience, albeit on a much smaller screen, but you can see websites as they are intended to be viewed. Additionally you can also have it connect to wireless modems as well as the 3g, so whilst on the wireless you can receive your emails, browse the internet, update your blog, upload photos and videos to the web, check facebook, twitter, flickr and all your other social media sites, download movies and music, play youtube videos and various games, etc without incurring any extra charges or using up your 3g usage. With the 3g, this is a much faster internet connection than the old fashioned WAP phones and with a good phone tariff you will get unlimited usage (within fair use parameters) and it’s included in your monthly bill, so it’s not an extra cost.

      All in all you can do an awful lot with your iphone and can manage most of your online social networking and internet activities at a basic level. It is also a pretty good Ipod, allowing you to view movies, tv shows and play music and audio books and read online books. I’m not sure it’s the best model out there, some of the new android phones are a lot cheaper and do just as much as the iphone, but Apple is great with the marketing for sure! It has certainly made keeping up to date with my internet connections and portals much easier, especially when I don’t have the time or energy to sit at the desk and put the laptop on, but I wouldn’t pay the £500 up front – I’m on a 2 yr contract with 02, which meant I got the handset at a much reduced price, though you end up paying for it in the contract overall. Given what I know today though, I’d probably opt to go for one of the android phones in future and I’m currently thinking about getting one of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is a direct competitor for the Apple Ipad, just waiting to find out how much it is going to cost!

      Hope that answers the question.

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