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Wealie is not happy with apple!

I’ve spent between 5.30 pm and now, 11.30 pm trying to sort out my iphone 3GS, which hasn’t been working properly for sometime.  After getting a less than satisfactory service in terms of advice from the Salisbury Apple store I … Continue reading

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An A303 Sunset


An on the move post, I just took this photo on the way home from work today, just as I passed Stonehenge.  Don’t worry, Ben was driving! Just goes to show that even the rubbish camera on the iPhone 3GS … Continue reading

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Blogging on the move

Hello all This is wealie blogging on the move, well not precisely. Actually I’m in the bath! “How is she writing a blog post I hear you ask?” Don’t worry, I’m not risking electrocution by laptop, I’m trying out the … Continue reading

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